Interview with a real Librarian!

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I’ve got a special treat for you today kiddos! The lovely and friendly Lindsey Sikora, a Medical Sciences librarian at McGill’s Life Sciences Library decided that Bibliotechno was worth her time (smart lady!) and joined us for a short interview on McGill’s Web 2.0 adventures.

A very big fat thank you to Lindsey for being a good sport!!



McGill’s mLibrary

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Bonjour tout le monde, et bienvenue à Montréal!

Today, we’re moving from Toronto to Montreal. And let me tell you folks, Montreal is home to more than just the largest duty free shop in North America (good to know, eh?). It is also home to McGill University. And today for your reading pleasure, let’s delve into the big bad world of Web 2.0 à la bibliothèque de McGill!


Ryerson University: mLibrary

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Ryerson’s mLibrary
Part 3 of 3 on Ryerson University’s Web 2.0
Here is it folks, the last of a three-part series of posts on the Ryerson University Library’s Web 2.0 features. Today’s topic: the mobile library, or mLibrary.

The first post on Ryerson touches on the library homepage’s interface. If you’ve read it, then you already know that the mobile library link is front and centre. It is not difficult to locate, and the icon of a mobile phone is semiotically appropriate.


A good mLibrary app is like a GPS: it lets you explore, and helps you find your way back!

Now for a tangent.
Have you ever been to a wedding? Yes? Thought so.
Have you ever been to a whole slew of weddings in one summer? You know, one of those summers where it feels like every other weekend you’re trucking it out to a new banquet-hall-country-club in a new suburb to see the same old dresses, eat the same rubber chicken, do the same electric slide to the same pre-spun DJ mix? More

Ryerson University: Twitter and Facebook

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Ryerson University: Twitter and Facebook

This was meant to be part 2 of 2 on Ryerson, but there’s just so much! So it’s part 2 of 3.

Yes! So If you haven’t seen my thoughts on Ryerson so far, click here and read on, grasshopper! It’ll tell you how easy it is to find Ryerson’s Library’s Twitter page via their homepage. And if you Google “Ryerson Library Twitter”, it’s the first hit.

Could it be easier to find? I don’t think so.

I mentioned earlier that UofT’s libraries could learn a thing or two from Ryerson’s Twitter page. Here’s why: More

Ryerson University: Interface, Virtual Reference and RSS Feeds


  Ryerson University Library: Part 1 of 2
Interface, Virtual Reference and RSS Feeds
If you go to any university other than Ryerson, you may call it “Rye High.

That’s probably because if you go to any university other than Ryerson, you’ve probably never checked out the Ryerson University Library’s website.

I’ve got to say, I’ve had my elitist grin on in the face of other universities for no good reason (I’m sorry). But this project’s had me clicking around a heck of a lot of library websites. And Ryerson, I am impressed. More

UofT Libraries: mLibrary

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Go Blues Go!

With the mLibrary app, UofT students will be able to go to the big game *and* research that big paper. At the same time!

Welcome to part 3 of 3 in this look at the University of Toronto Libraries’ Web 2.0 tools.

mLibrary: UofT Mobile

This is it! The final portion of my week long look at the University of Toronto’s Web 2.0 tools. And yes kids, I have saved the best for last.

My BFF is, without a doubt, my Blackberry. That’s not even intended as a plug. It is no coincidence that my boyfriend would rather play WordMole on his ‘Berry than text with me (or anyone for that matter). I hear that the iPhone and Android have similar effects on their users. More

Dear University of Toronto …

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Dear University of Toronto Libraries,

I am writing to tell you about a recent experience I didn’t have with you. I didn’t have it, because I couldn’t. You see, I couldn’t find you! I looked up and down the Facebook world. But alas, nothing.

A search of Facebook for “Robarts Library” brings up nothing but a Facebook-generated page, which is just a mash-up of the standard Pages layout and the Wikipedia entry on Robarts. This is wholly disappointing. It feels as though UTL has skipped over the ocean that is Facebook to swim in the lakes of Twitter and mLibraries.

According to Facebook’s statistics page, the site has over half a billion users. That is more than one hundred times the population of Toronto. Twitter’s got less than half the number of users. What’s UTL so afraid of? Jump in, UofT; the water’s just fine here in the Facebook Ocean!

I think you’re swell, and I just want to see you succeed. If you need help starting a Facebook page, just ask any of your patrons. I’m sure they will have something to add.

Yours truly,

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